Products and services - Královopolská Brno
Chemical and petrochemical equipment - Královopolská Brno

Chemical and petrochemical equipment

We provide complex services in the area of supplying apparatuses for the chemical, petrochemical and energy industries to the full extent of material quality, including bimetal designs.

Cranes and lifting mechanisms - Královopolská Brno

Cranes and lifting mechanisms

In our assortment and extent of supply, we are one of the largest crane manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

Steel structures - Královopolská Brno

Steel structures

The workshop equipment enables the production of complicated and very heavy structures.

Destructive and non-destructive tests - Královopolská Brno

Destructive and non-destructive tests

We provide mechanical and non-destructive tests of the materials used and weld joints to ensure the safe operation of our products.

Surface treatment - Královopolská Brno

Surface treatment

We offer complex solutions for the surface treatment of your products including the technological procedure.

Power Engineering - Královopolská Brno

Power Engineering

We provide the complex supply of power, water and services related to power engineering on a defined industrial complex territory.