Cranes and lifting mechanisms - Královopolská Brno

We normally supply single-beam or double-beam bridge cranes with block and pulley or carriage. The profiles of main bridges and supports are designed to provide the crane with maximum efficiency and minimum weight. Cranes are specified for automated, workshop or storage operations in power engineering, forging shops, steel plants, etc.

Based on our own documentation, we also make portal cranes with block and pulley. The use of various maintenance-free elements (bearings, fillings) guarantees low operating costs.

We are capable of supplying a full line of special, single-purpose cranes according to customer specifications, for example for heavy operations such as steelworks, various technological operations, environments with increased corrosive aggressiveness. We also have experience in making lifting mechanisms for loading docks, tranship points, etc.

The advantages of all cranes supplied include

  • conceptional and dimensional adaptation to precisely meet the customer's requirements
  • structure is designed with respect to the technology used in operation - even for especially heavy operations
  • the dimensioning of individual drives is carried out based on the necessary service life required
  • for lifting drives, we can comply with speed requirements to the maximum extent possible (without limitation) as well as smooth control, frequency changer
  • placing various capacities and carriages possible behind or beside one another or carriage to carriage
  • placing auxiliary and diagnostic equipment, increasing safety and service life, possible for classic drives
  • metal-ceramic beam lining for lifting drives, which increases the service life and safety of operation
  • placement of various types of clamping and handling equipment, free mechanisms, magnets, grabs, traverses, etc.
  • placing an auxiliary el. foot brake via a foot pedal controlled by the crane operator for sensitive brake regulation for variously loaded motion or turning drives
  • the crane can be controlled by a lower control, controlled from the cabin, remote control, radio (infra) or by a combination of these
  • cabins can be equipped differently based on requirements, including various types of suitable air conditioning, mobile cabins
  • quality surface treatment, selection of various coating types
  • informative, technological, precise, overloading weighing
  • measures to prevent crane sliding
  • specific functions programmed by the customer (e.g. speed, distance, joint crane control, motion coordination, etc.)

We also modernize cranes and crane runways. Orders are usually carried out at the delivery site.


References Overhead crane 5 t x 16.5 m - Královopolská Brno

Overhead crane 5 t x 16.5 m

Year: 2012
Brno, Czechia
Crane 130/40/10 t x 21 m - production of cranes

Teeming crane 130/40/10 t x 21 m

Year: 2011
Strazske, Slovakia
References Teeming crane 150/35 t x 23.8 m - Královopolská Brno

Teeming crane 150/35 t x 23.8 m

Year: 2008
Ostrava, Czechia
References Teeming crane 270/63/20 t x 18.3 m - Královopolská Brno

Teeming crane 270/63/20 t x 18.3 m

Year: 2009
Trinec, Czechia