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  • Heat exchangers
    We make all basic types of tubular heat exchangers - coolers, heaters, condensers.
    Heat exchangers
  • Columns
    We design and manufacture columns for working in the freezing temperatures of Siberia suitable even for the most demanding technological processes taking place at temperatures of 400°C and higher.
  • Pressure vessels
    We supply upright or horizontal pressure equipment made of common carbon and alloyed steel.
    Pressure vessels
Material cutting and forming - Královopolská Brno

Material cutting and forming

We are capable of cutting of all sorts of steel profiles and metal sheets based on the customer's request.
Heavy machining - Královopolská Brno

Heavy machining

We offer complex solutions, within an environment of modern technological and control systems, fulfilling all demands for the progressive and economic manufacturing of products.
Tool shop - Královopolská Brno

Tool shop

With its sophisticated technological background, the production capacity of the tool shop guarantees high quality products.