Material cutting and forming

Basic information


  • Shearing machine - cutting length up to 4 000 mm, maximum thickness of steel is 20 mm, for aluminum up to 70 mm.


  • Formed segments on a CNC machine or on a machine-operated photocell.
  • Oxy-cutting machine with four burners on carbonic material, maximum length of 10 000 mm, width of 4 000 mm, thickness of 300 mm.
  • Oxy-cutting machine - plasma for stainless steel, operated by a photocell for a thickness up to 120 mm, for connection of two units, a width of 2 000 m, length of 5 000 mm.

Chipping division

  • The maximum dimension of the divided material is a diameter of 530 mm or 710 x 530 mm.
  • Productive material division (in batches) for a maximum diameter of 430 mm.
  • Angular division within the range - 45° + 60°
  • Division on automatic circular and band saws


  • 800 ton pre-bending press
  • 550 ton press brake
  • 400 ton straightening press
  • Rolling sheet metal with a maximum thickness of 50 mm
  • Rolling profiles

We also do

Heavy machining

Heavy machining

We offer complex solutions, within an environment of modern technological and control systems, fulfilling all demands for the progressive and economic manufacturing of products.

Tool shop

Tool shop

With its sophisticated technological background, the production capacity of the tool shop guarantees high quality products.



During the welding process, we pay attention to quality and the solidity of welded joints in compliance with valid standards.