Chemical and petrochemical equipment - Královopolská Brno
Heat Exchangers - Královopolská Brno

Heat Exchangers

We manufacture all basic types of tubular heat exchangers - coolers, heaters, condensers.

Columns - Královopolská Brno


We design and manufacture columns for working in the freezing temperatures of Siberia suitable even for the most demanding technological processes taking place at temperatures of 400°C and higher.

Reactors - Královopolská Brno


We offer medium pressure reactors for catalytic reforming, hydrocrack, urea synthesis and tube reactors.

Furnace components - Královopolská Brno

Furnace components

We supply components for industrial furnaces within the scope of their renovation and modernization.

Pressure vessels - Královopolská Brno

Pressure vessels

We supply upright or horizontal pressure equipment made of common carbon and alloyed steel.

Equipment for pressure test - Královopolská Brno

Equipment for pressure test

We design and manufacture jigs for pressure test of heat exchangers.



References Autoclave COD 433R - Královopolská Brno

Autoclave COD 433R

Year: 2020
Weight: 8,6 t
Wettenberg, Germany
References Collector 107D - Královopolská Brno

Collector 107D

Year: 2020
Weight: 46,7 t
Perm, Russia
References Heat exchangers - 4 pcs - Královopolská Brno

Heat exchangers - 4 pcs

Year: 2007
Weight: 22 t
Daura, Basrah, Iraq
References Loop Water Cooler E 404 / 1,2 - Královopolská Brno

Loop Water Cooler E 404 / 1,2

Year: 2020
Weight: 115,3 t
Shchekino, Russia
References Reactor R-101 - Královopolská Brno

Reactor R-101

Year: 2018
Weight: 7,5 t
References Steam Drum - Královopolská Brno

Steam Drum

Year: 2019
Weight: 15 t
Bandurka, Ukraine
References Stripper (E-201) - Královopolská Brno

Stripper (E-201)

Year: 2014
Weight: 120t
Kiev, Ukraine

Expertly handled production technology and processes and the services of a highly qualified workshop staff guarantee the maximum quality of the equipment supplied.

Our employees are ready to deal with your requests and problems.

Our partners include domestic and international engineering companies, suppliers of complex investment units and last but not least, end customers - users of our products directly.

More than half of our production goes abroad, particularly to European and Asian markets.