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Both axial and radial flow reactors are offered. Reactor bodies are made of chrome molybdenum steel, the inner structure being made of stainless and austenitic steel. Shells are designed with rolling and lengthwise welds, or with forged rings. All types of reactors are supplied in compliance with ČSN 690010, DIN-AD MERKBLATT and ASME CODE section VII, div. 1., EN 13445 and PED.

Hydrogenation reactors

Reactors are designed with bimetal sheet metal or welds for increased medium aggressiveness.

The material used is steel alloy, stainless steel for the inner lining or weld deposit.

Reactors for hydrocracking

Reactors operate under high pressure and temperatures in the presence of hydrogen throughout the hydrocracking process.

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s. produced reactors for the Slovnaft Bratislava hydrocrack complex in the 1980s. The largest of these reactors had a wall 178 + 7 mm thick, a diameter of 3420 mm and a weight of 248 t.

Tube reactors

Vertical tubes with various diameters are filled with the catalyst. They are mostly used in cases where the reaction is strongly exothermic requiring that the heat be conducted away. Materials may vary based on operating parameters and medium ranging from carbon steel to corrosion-resistant material.

Urea synthesis reactors

With its parameters - 16 to 25 MPa, a temperature of 185°C to 200°C and a weight up to 260 t, this type of reactors belongs to a group of equipment very demanding in terms of production.


References Reactor R-101 - Královopolská Brno

Reactor R-101

Year: 2018
Weight: 7,5 t

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