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Basic information

The components are made for furnaces supplied by KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s. This primarily concerns vertical tube furnaces which are used abundantly in kerosene and chemical operations, their advantage being simple installation and maintenance and the small space required. This additionally involves shaft furnaces and special furnaces - cracking and reforming reaction processes, accompanied by extreme temperatures and pressures.

We also supply furnace components based on customer requests and according to the provided technical documentation.


References 1st and 2nd stage steam superheaters - Královopolská Brno

1st and 2nd stage steam superheaters

Year: 2021
Weight: 102 t, 81 t
Veliki Novgorod, Russia
References Collector 107D - Královopolská Brno

Collector 107D

Year: 2020
Weight: 46,7 t
Perm, Russia

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