References Steam condenser BCC2 (3 290m2) - Královopolská Brno

Detail information

This apparatus was manufactured for a 146 MW BCC2 cogeneration plant in Map Ta Phut Industrial Zone, Rayong Province, Thailand.

The steam condenser has a heating area of 3,290 m2. It is two-way with fixed tubesheets with hot steam inlet from the side.


  • Weight: 66,3 t
  • Diameter: 3600
  • Length: 12300

The device is manufactured according to the standards: ASME BPVC Section VIII, Div. 1, Edition 2019 without U stamp.

Materials used:

  • Shell: SA516GR70
  • Tubesheet: SA516GR70
  • Tubes: SA249TP316L


  • Customer: BCC2
  • Place: Map Ta Phut, Rayong
  • Region: Thailand
  • Year: 2022


  • Customer: SIEMENS