References COLD Low pressure separator V-3105 - Královopolská Brno

Detail information

This apparatus was manufactured for the Afipsky Oil Refinery (Krasnodar Territory, Russian Federation) using the catalytic hydrocracking technology. The Afipsky refinery is focused on the production of R1 gasoline, L-0.2-62 diesel fuel for export, and low-ash fuel oil II M-40.


  • Weight: 38 t
  • Diameter: 2220 / 1000
  • Length: 19560

Materials used:

  • Enclosure: SA516GR70 + SA240TP304L
  • Elliptical Bottoms: SA516GR70 + SA240TP304L
  • Heating coil: SA333Gr6

The low pressure separator is a vertical pressure vessel consisting of a cylindrical shell with an inner diameter of Ø2200, a conical transition to a small shell with a length of 1140mm and small shell with an inner diameter of Ø1000. Both ends of the apparatus are closed with elliptical bottoms.

The device is manufactured according to the standards: ASME BPVC Section VIII, Div. 1, GOST 34347-2017, GOST 34233.1-12-2017


  • Customer: Afipsky Oil Refinery
  • Place: Afipskiy Township
  • Region: Russia
  • Year: 2021


  • Customer: BENVIG HEAT TRANSFER spol. s r.o.
  • Place: Benešov nad Ploučnicí
  • Region: Czechia