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KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s. – Power Engineering

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s. – Power Engineering is a power distributor (and trader) only within the defined industrial complex territory of the former Královopolská engineering plants. It conducts business in power engineering divisions carried out based on Act No. 458/2000 Coll. and related legal regulations. It is the operator of power networks in this area, thus the local distribution systems. It respects and implements the standards of the Energy Regulation Office in terms of technical and price matters. In relation to the customer, it acts as other suppliers, from applications and agreements to making statements on projects.

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  • Electric power distribution - license No. 120304074 valid until 10. 2. 2029.
  • Electric power trade - license No. 140404451 valid until 17. 1. 2025.
  • Gas distribution - license No. 220304082 valid until 5. 2. 2029.
  • Gas trade - license No. 240504812 valid until 26. 1. 2021.
  • Operating water mains and sewerage and utility water modifications and distribution - Trade license Reg. No. 370200-825539812.
  • Inspections and tests on specific gas equipment - Trade license Reg. No. 370200-2150251-00.
  • Gas equipment installation, repairs and inspections.
  • Electrical equipment inspections.

Information for those interested in power supplies

Contact the Commercial technical department either by telephone at +420 532 041 644, or via e-mail at slavik@kralovopolska.cz

Fill out the application for consumption - technical options and terms for connecting,

The respective agreement is made upon implementing the consumption point and installing the measuring devices.

Other actions are carried out within the scope of capacity options based on the agreement or confirmed order.