References STEAM DRUM  - Montauban - Královopolská Brno

Detail information

A steam drum is a horizontal, cylindrical pressure vessel with an internal demister and an external header pipe.

The vessel will be installed within the waste incineration technology unit in the French city of Montauban as a part of a new modern line for converting waste-to-energy.

The steam drum is manufactured according to the standards: EN 12952, EN 13480


  • Weight: 19,1
  • Material: PH295 GH, P265 GH
  • Diameter: 1 700
  • Length: 5 913


  • Customer: Montauban
  • Place: Montauban
  • Region: France
  • Year: 2022


  • Customer: Leroux&Lotz Polska Sp. z o o
  • Place: Gliwice
  • Region: Poland