References 2ND STAGE STEAM SUPERHEATER - Královopolská Brno

Detail information

The apparatus was manufactured for the JSC Farg'onaazot chemical plant in Uzbekistan. The 2nd stage steam superheater of the furnace 101-B is located in the convection part of the methanol production furnace, on the first stage of reforming. It consists of two pipe sections - upper inlet and lower outlet.

Each individual pipe section consists of a header connected to the pipe system. The headers are closed at one end by a high-pressure bottom, the second end is left open.


Manufacturing standard: ASME CODE Section 1, Edition 2019; RD 26-02-80-2004; RD 10-249-98


  • Weight: 110 t
  • Material: SA335GR.P11; SA335GR.P22; SA234GR.WP11Cl1; SA234GR.WP22Cl1; SA335GR.P22; S240TP410S
  • Length: 5 140


  • Customer: JSC “Farg’onaazot”
  • Place: Fergana
  • Region: Uzbekistan
  • Year: 2022