KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ a.s. is fully aware of the importance of the protection of the environment in full extent. In its business activities the company complies with the principles covering the protection of air, surface and underground water and soil.


KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ Joint-Stock Company is a leading supplier of apparatuses for the chemical and petrochemical industry, special cranes and steel structures marketed both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s. has its registered office in Brno, the metropolis of Moravia. One of the Company’s key priorities is to provide for a high level environmental protection. This issue is managed in compliance with the international standard ISO 14001. Therefore the environmental protection is perceived as an equivalent and integral part of all business activities.

In accordance with the above mentioned beliefs, the management of KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s. hereby announces the environmental policy and declares its commitment to:

  1. Comply with the legal and other requirements in the field of environmental protection applicable to the Company
  2. Improve and assess indicators in the field of environmental protection continuously and minimize adverse impacts on the environment constantly
  3. Prevent to generation of waste and quantities of pollutants released to the air environment and of waste water, reduce material and energy consumption
  4. Focus on the application of the best available environmental friendly technologies and continuously and thoroughly track and assess the environmental aspects through the modernization of production facilities and technologies
  5. Through the application of a preventive care and by keeping all facilities and equipment clean and in order to prevent contamination of the environment or the occurrence of accidents and, if such accidents occur, to proceed in accordance with the emergency plans that provide for the minimization of adverse impacts on the environment
  6. Educate employees in environmentally responsible behavior and conduct, inform employees, public and contracting partners on the impacts of the Company’s activities on the environment and respond to their recommendations and concerns
  7. Implement and require the compliance with the aforesaid principles of our environmental policy also from our contracting partners, to influence them positively and improve their environmental awareness.