Trust, shaping the future, reliability, performance and client-orientation - representing the basis for the conduct of all employees and defining their identity.


KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ joint stock company complies with the applicable laws and standards of ethics when conducting its business. The company is aware of its role within society and its responsibility towards clients, business partners and employees. Therefore a Code of Conduct was issued, based on the principles of responsibility, honesty, loyalty and respect for others and to the environment.

Values of KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ joint stock company

Trust, shaping the future, reliability, performance and client-orientation - representing the basis for the conduct of all employees and defining their identity.

General principles

  • Sense of responsibility towards society and the environment is a major factor in the company´s permanent success.
  • We maintain and protect the assets of our company, as well as copyrights and we do not use company assets for our own benefit.
  • We do not accept bribes and we do not become involved in any illegal transactions.
  • We treat our competition with respect and appreciation, complying with the rules of fair competition.
  • Teamwork is the basis for success.¬

Conduct with respect to clients

  • The company offers a wide range of products, searching for suitable and efficient solutions to satisfy customer needs.
  • In all relations we apply a correct, well-mannered and helpful approach.
  • New knowledge that we acquire is truthfully transferred to our clients, thus enabling them to achieve better results.
  • We always fulfill our obligations and promises. Under all circumstances we are obliged to achieve high quality of results.
  • We assume full responsibility for our decisions and consequences arising from our conduct.
  • Any justified complaints shall be responded to in a timely manner to achieve maximum satisfaction of our clients.

Conduct with respect to the general public

  • All announcements will be made completely, matter-of-factly, correctly, comprehensibly and currently. The company respects the professional independence of journalists and the media.
  • Information related to the company may be disclosed to public and media only by authorized persons.

Safety of work and occupational environment, protection of health

  • KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s., is continuously striving to ensure improvement in the area of work safety, the work environment and health protection.
  • Every employee is responsible for the protection of people and the environment.