Above-ground storage tanks - Královopolská Brno

Basic information

All types are designed, manufactured and assembled in compliance with standards ČSN, American API 650, German DIN 4119 or EN 14015. According to specifications, we can make a tank with a self-supporting roof, a full metal protective reservoir or an inner floating roof. We supply tanks with angular shapes, multiple cylinder tanks, integrated chamber reservoirs or other modifications based on the customer’s request. Tanks include necessary sealing, paraffin scrapers and accessories.

Higher demands on air cleanness and the economics of storing light hydrocarbons, leading to a decrease in exhalation and loss, are resolved by using top double-sealing floating roofs from world-famous manufacturers. Based on the customer's request, this sealing can also include paraffin scrapers. The safety of operators on the tank with floating roof is increased by a hinged ladder with self-inclining steps. The overall reliability of storage tanks is significantly increased by using full metal protective reservoirs, into which the tank itself is placed. Besides protecting groundwater and influent streams, this design saves a substantial amount of building area.

We also do

Heat Exchangers - Královopolská Brno

Heat Exchangers

We manufacture all basic types of tubular heat exchangers - coolers, heaters, condensers.

Columns - Královopolská Brno


We design and manufacture columns for working in the freezing temperatures of Siberia suitable even for the most demanding technological processes taking place at temperatures of 400°C and higher.

Reactors - Královopolská Brno


We offer medium pressure reactors for catalytic reforming, hydrocrack, urea synthesis and tube reactors.

Furnace components - Královopolská Brno

Furnace components

We supply components for industrial furnaces within the scope of their renovation and modernization.

Pressure vessels - Královopolská Brno

Pressure vessels

We supply upright or horizontal pressure equipment made of common carbon and alloyed steel.

Equipment for pressure test - Královopolská Brno

Equipment for pressure test

We design and manufacture jigs for pressure test of heat exchangers.